The response to it and not so much the relation of content and format is, I believe, what shows the true face of a painting. That is, because today, the man is not only asking for beauty in art nor an answer to life, but for the right questions.

Many years now Vasso Ghioni has been working on what we call virtual painting. She apprenticed in difficult places, such as Paris and near great teachers, such as Yannis Tsarouchis. And I will immediately highlight what it is that marks her work: Faith, which lasts since she started to paint. Faith to everything she loves since her childhood. Shapes of people and places with everything they include mobility and the instant within. Moments from their presence that sustain an emotion without theatricality. Painting with a lot of searching on quality, in depth. That is why her art, for some time now, is not overcoming her previous work, but is a constant, internal evolution.

The face and the body which are the current issues in painting, as the last values left standing in our time, for Vasso Ghioni is a case that transcends aesthetics, like an instant and not absolute truth. Because she cares more about the things that time gives and takes, without theories, just like lightning.

Dimitris T.Analis
October `92